Growing up a farmer's daughter in a very small town in southeastern North Carolina, I have always known the importance of hard work. In fact, due to my family's hard work for many, many years and an excellent peanut crop, my parents and grandparents were able to purchase their very own beach house in Ocean Isle Beach in the summer of 2012. In college, I was lucky enough to live there during the summers while waiting tables and renting out jet skis and boats. During those summers is when I fell absolutely in love with being at the beach.

I attended North Carolina State University and graduated with a degree in Marketing. After graduation, knowing how much I loved working with people and being near the water, I decided to obtain my NC Real Estate Broker’s License and make Brunswick County my permanent home.

“Home” can come in various shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the place you grew up in or the place you go to escape the real world, it should be the place you feel the most relaxed and the happiest. For myself, “Home,” is right here in Ocean Isle Beach: paddle boarding down our canal, lying on the beach with my friends, and watching the sunset from a back porch. For you, “Home” may mean something completely different. Whatever “Home” means to you, let me help you find your “Home.” I have a friendly personality, I know the value of hard work and have seen the results it can bring, and I will do everything possible to make your real estate experience as simple and as exciting as it can be.